'WBP Online'

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Great view and a fully glazed facade are the main features of the administrative area. The entire area is extremely sunlit. As a result, working on the computer is difficult and there is a problem with overheating in the summer. These attributes were so strong that the aim of our design was to create a system of regulation for the client that would not limited by the use of window shades. In addition, the investor was looking for a certain type of lounge area in which clients can catch up on the latest economic news while sipping on quality coffee.

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Thus, we enhanced the layout with a row of rotating panels, dividing the space into two parts: the first introverted "chill out" area can be completely isolated from the outer sunlight and environment, the second extroverted zone includes two meeting rooms and a bar with good coffee. Overlapping of these two environments and regulation of sunlight and view in this disposition is completely up to current needs and mood of its user. One side of each of the 45 remote controlled rotating panels is veneered; the other side is simply white, making it possible to adjust the ambience of the space anytime.

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As for this project, the important role for us was the role of designers. Our main task was to design as well as to create the concept of the entire space.  It was crucial to for us to decode and define the mode of our client´s company operation , while cooperating with him and trying to understand his needs.

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Although this was a medium-sized enterprise, the client took on a number of different work roles, ranging from a PC expert to a thinker who needs to envision his future plans in a peaceful atmosphere. Thus, the variety of his tasks as well as different work atmosphere determined the concept of our design. After submitting the project for implementation, we became supplier’s consultants and conducted author supervision.

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Type: Interior
Team: Matúš Vallo, Oliver Sadovský,
Branislav Husárik, Peter Janeček
Photography: Patrik Safko
Area: 483 m2
Year: 2012

InteriorMárk Mátis