House extension

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The clients intention was to extend the house by adding a master bedroom, kitchen and a place for work, on the other hand adapt it to the existing, but rearranged plan of the old house.

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We aimed on keeping the plan compact and atmosphere of a small garden house not far from the centre of Bratislava. So the illumination of each room was our priority, connecting the communal spaces with the garden. The kitchen is illuminated by a nontraditional frameless skylight, trough wich you can see the sky without the nearby objects.

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The master bedroom is connected with the kitchen and so with the garden by a wide glass door. The extension is covered by wooden cladding, which ewokes the feeling of a small garden house.


Type: House extension
Team: Vallo Sadovsky Architects
Photography: Tomáš Manina
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Area: 47,6 m2
Year: 2013

Interior, HouseMárk Mátis