Refurbishment 'Trojičné'

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Trnava that is consider to be little Slovak Rome has ever-present genius loci which we have endeavoured to project into area of national cultural monument in square Trojicne 5.

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We have seek to underline the life of building with proposed programme and in same time allow the effective economic aspect. For the first time we have reconstructed the areas of the national cultural monument.

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The result is a good example how it it possible to work with conservatorists. The nature of original house has came out after the restoration of  authentic passage and the stone portal. The objective was to maximize the principles of restoration with the new functions that gave the attractivity to the object.

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Type: Refurbishment
Team: Matúš Vallo, Oliver Sadovský, Marcel Vadík,
Branislav Husárik, Viliam Zajíček, Mateja Vonkomerová
Collaboration: LABAK
Photography: Tomáš Manina
Location: Trnava, Slovakia
Area: 371,52 m2
Year: 2016